Thursday, 7 February 2013

Waterlily Blanket Ta-Dah!!!!!

Wooohooooo!!  It's finally finished and here it is for all to see!

I started it about a year ago - I take forever with these big projects!  (And you've been hearing me banging on about it for all this time, sorry!)  I'm so glad it's now finished and ready for snuggling under!

Here it is with the finished border...

I did five rows of cream, followed by two rows of the pomegranate as I thought it would finish the blanket off nicely.

Two of the corners

I made this using Stylecraft Special DK yarn.  Great value and nice and soft!  I used nine colours for the squares, with cream to edge and join them.

Colours are:

Top row, left to right:  Pomegranate, Fondant, Candyfloss, Lemon, Spring Green
Bottom row, left to right:  Wisteria, Bluebell, Sherbert, Aspen

This is an 'in progress' photo of the squares being crocheted together.  I used the cream yarn (also used to edge each square) to crochet them together.  I joined them with a slip-stitch and was really pleased with the effect.  It gives a nice little ridge between squares, but not as much as a ridge as you get with a single crochet join, which I've used before.  I think I'll go with the slip-stitch in future, as it is quicker and I prefer the look (win win!)

Here it is, all laid out...  (The border is a tad wavy - but you can only really tell when it's laid out flat like this)...

I am so pleased with it, and really amazed that I actually finished it!

Ta-Dah!!!  :o)


  1. I love your crocheted blanket it is so pretty!!!! I would love to make one but I need to practice....The color combination is beautiful! I love it....want it :) are you going to sell it...just had to ask :)

  2. Oh my word, it's stunning you clever thing!! Wish it was coming to my house xx

  3. Really beautiful! Well done you! I love the colours. Sue x

  4. Wow it is amazing! I could never stick with a project that long to make something!

  5. The long projects are the hardest to stick at, but you get a lot out of them. You're blanket is lovely, I love the colours x

  6. WOW that is so pretty. I love it and look forward to seeing your next project, x

  7. Wow, this is so so beautiful. I love your colour choice and your work is so neat. Brilliant - a real treasure !Sam xx

  8. No words. It is incredible! So gorgeous and even though I'm not a fan of pastels, I think this may convert me. The flowers are totes adorbs. And that pomegranate edge - kill me now.

    Mad props Maria.

  9. Looks fabulous. Great choice of colours. Well done!

  10. wow, this is gorgeous, well done. I can see it becoming a lovely heirloom. :o)

  11. It's fab, I love it! So bright and cheerful, just the thing in this dreary old weather. Wonderful job :)

    S x

  12. Your blanket is gorgeous..a real treasure...and I love the pretty colour mix (Just the thing for all this chilly weather at the moment!)
    Happy Sunday,
    Susan x

  13. Hi Maria. Wow, this blanket is beautiful! It really is superb, well done. I think your border looks very neat and I love the shades of yarn you used. I have heard a lot of good things about the Stylecraft Special DK and I'm planning a blanket in it. So many colours to choose from!

    Gillian x

  14. Pretty, pretty PRETTY!!! Beautiful colours and pattern, I love the edging too. Well done for finishing it, you're going to have so many lovely times snuggled under that blanket!
    Becky x

  15. Well done! It is beautiful,lovely colour combination and so neat. I have been looking forward to see it in all it's glory! Bring it when you come around!


  16. oh wow! It's so beautiful Maria, well done!!

  17. Hi Maria.. I am a new follower and I just want tosay how much I like your water lily blanket... The colours are really well put together and the edging really sets it all off.. :)

  18. Good grief, that's just gorgeous! You have absolutely earned the right to 'bang on about it'!!! What a beauty!

    Heather x


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